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Who Make Up the Isle of Wight Pubwatch?

Well over one hundred pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants on the Isle of Wight are part of the Pubwatch scheme which makes it easy for bar staff to identify well-known troublemakers.

Called Isle of Wight Pubwatch, the website assists in bringing the local Pubwatch community together. Pubwatch is the licensed trade's equivalent of Neighbourhood Watch. The main differences are that they are more active and effective than most Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.

There are currently 6 Pubwatches on the Island, they are at East Cowes, Cowes, Newport, Ryde, Sandown, and Ventnor.

All temporary beer tents & hospitality areas operating during Special events, such as Cowes Week, are also included in the Pubwatch scheme.

The following licensed premises' have signed up and others are invited to join. Why not choose a 'Pubwatch' Premises when you go out...


  1. Anchor, The
  2. Coast, The
  3. Cowes Ale House
  4. Cowes Conservative Club
  5. Cowes Yacht Haven
  6. Duke of York, The
  7. Fountain Inn, The
  8. Grill, The
  9. Harbour Kitchen (See The Coast)
  10. Horseshoe Inn, The
  11. Jolliffe's
  12. Kingston Arms, The
  13. North House (See The Coast)
  14. Northwood Cricket Club
  15. Painter's Arms, The
  16. Pier View Hotel, The
  17. Portland Inn, The
  18. Prince of Wales, The (E Cowes)
  19. Vectis Tavern, The
  20. Victoria Tavern, The (E Cowes)
  21. Woodvale, The
  22. Yachtsman, The


  1. 1st Floor
  2. Bargeman's Rest, The
  3. Castle Inn, The [PENDING]
  4. Eight Bells, The
  5. Fever & Boutique [PENDING]
  6. Hare and Hounds
  7. Hog's Head, The [PENDING]
  8. Man In The Moon
  9. MODA
  10. Newport Ale House
  11. Newport Conservative Club
  12. Prince of Wales, The
  13. Railway Medina, The
  14. Robin Hood, The
  15. Rocket Ronnies
  16. Southern Vectis Sports & Social Club
  17. Waverley, The
  18. Wheatsheaf, The
  19. Wren's Nest
  20. Yates
  1. Bendula Restaurant
  2. Black Sheep Bar, The
  3. Coburgs
  4. Crown Hotel, The
  5. High Park Tavern
  6. Kasbah, The
  7. King Lud, The
  8. Marine, The
  9. Royal British Legion, The
  10. Ryde Superbowl & Balcony Bar
  11. Ryde Town Club
  12. Simeon Arms, The
  13. Star, The
  14. Wetherspoons
  15. Wootton Bridge Community Centre
  16. Yelf's Hotel / Lakeside


  1. Castle Inn, The
  2. Driftwood Beach Bar, The
  3. Flanagans
  4. Kings House Bar
  5. Old Comical, The
  6. Old Corner Bank, The
  7. Sands Hotel
  8. Wight City (formally Scruffy Jacks)
  9. Tap, The


  1. Blenheim, The
  2. Crab & Lobster, The
  3. Mill Bay, The [Pending]
  4. No.24
  5. Perks [Pending]
  6. Royal British Legion
  7. Ventnor Social Club
  8. Ventnor Winter Gardens
  9. Wight Mouse, The [Pending]